Desert Hot Springs, California

We arrived as planned to Denise’s brother Mark and Wendy’s place, at noon on Saturday.  It was right at 2500 miles.  It took us 5 days.  We had no problems except for a tire pressure alarm on the truck that indicated the pressure was too high. It was a false alarm. But, I have to say, the drive was not bad. It was pretty well straight and flat for the most part through the central and mountain time zones. The only issue I encountered, was adjusting to the new time zones.  It’s hard on this old body.

(Somewhere in Texas) This water tower looked like it was ready to slowly fall over, but after looking at it as we drove by, it appears to be like this for a while. ….Tornado?


The ‘best rose’ of Texas!

The first thing we notice was the desert heat.  It was already about 90°F. The second thing we noticed was the wind.  It was every bit of 20 mph constant blowing.  Desert Hot Springs is right at the opening of a pass (west to east) through the mountains where that hot desert air meets that cool pacific air and bam you got major air flow. That is why there a lot of wind turbines in this area.


On Tuesday, we had some free time and did a little exploring of the area.  We found Cabot’s Pueblo Museum on the outskirt of town.

Info about Cabot Yerza

In 1913, at age 30, Cabot Yerxa homesteaded 160 acres in what is now Desert Hot Springs. Pressed for water, he dug a well with a pick and shovel, discovering the now famous hot mineral waters of Desert Hot Springs.  Nearby, he dug a second well and discovered the pure cold water aquifer. These two wells, hot and cold, give the area it name, Miracle Hill. 

The well house stored hot water that was pumped from a well inside the Pueblo building, when then, the water flowed by gravity into the rooms. Cabot built himself a small spa tub inside the well-house where he enjoyed the healing mineral water.

Cabot’s Adobe home built mostly of re-purposed material.
Cabot’s Tool House


Our Overnight Stay.

We stayed at Mark and Wendy’s home, curbside.

Desert Hot Springs, Ca-April 15, 2017

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Desert Hot Springs, Ca-April 15, 2017 33.966900, -116.550000 Desert Hot Springs California, United States of America (Directions)

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