Camino-Day 37

Day 37- October 23, 2017 (I took some days off to nurse a cold and a stomach virus)
Ligonde to Santiago de Compostela, Spain


The approach to the Cathedral in Santiago is from the back, and the entry to the square is through an ancient arched passageway dating back over 1000 years. Many people were standing under it to have a picture taken to show their completion of their camino.
I was told by someone I could not enter the Cathedral with my pack so I quickly went to a hotel just a few blocks from the Cathedral and got a room. I immediately left my pack and set out to explore the Cathedral.
The Cathedral is less impressive than some I had seen. The Cathedral in Burgos had definitely been much larger, but this felt much more personal. It is possible to walk up and behind the main alter, looking down on the main floor of the Cathedral. Looking down from behind this intimately carved and gold leaf sculpture offers quite a unique vantage point. Under the alter a very small door leads down into a dark passage. This is where St. James’s remains are said to be laid. A tiny silver casket is located behind bars and is softly lit. Pilgrims spend a minute or two looking, praying, or contemplating their journey in this place.
All-in-all very impressive when you consider so many people make this journey to come to this very spot.
After leaving the cathedral, I went to the pilgrims office to get my last stamp on my credential passport and to receive my Compostela, A young woman asked me where I had started, and do I also want a certificate of distance, to which I righteously responded “YES, it was 500 miles!”  That declaration was my reward for many, many miles of discomfort.  I felt proud.  My name was written in Latin on my Compostela with the date of completion.  It’s now officialI.

Cathedral Square of Santiago
Pilgrim Mass-swing of the Botafumerio
Getting my Compostela

17 thoughts on “Camino-Day 37

  1. Congratulations…it has been wonderful following your walk…beautiful and amazing. Thank you for sharing your words, photos and experience. I’m definitely going… Amazing, got goose bumps seeing the pictures of the Cathedral. God Bless You!!!

    1. Please make it happen. There is no way to explain the camino, you have to live it once to understand. When you decide to go, I can help you plan. God Bless and good luck.

  2. Congrats Cuz! Enjoy the moment. Soak up the energy of the Camino and of Santiago. I’ve been home a week and every night I dream of being there!

    I’ve enjoyed following your Camino and look forward to swapping stories one day!!

  3. Congratulations on such a great journey! I have enjoyed this so much and was so excited when you finally made it to the Cathedral! The photos and posts were a great reward for you as well as all your followers. Can’t wait to hear the whole story one day! Have a great trip home!

  4. I want to thank the many people making this journey possible. My wife, family and friends. None of this would have been possible without Denise inspiring me to go. Thank you all.
    I have been asked by many people during the last days of my walk if I changed on the Camino. I did lose some weight, but other than that I didn’t think I needed changing. I did however learn a great deal.
    Walk the Camino, or a portion of it and you will understand…

  5. That’s awesome David! Enjoyed all your entries and would love to hear more about your experience as I’m sure you couldn’t possibly write it all down. The photos speak volumes of the culture you experienced as well your words…It was a long trek for you, I would have to say you probably gained a wealth of knowledge, tolerance and insight into the footsteps that went before you. Enjoy a big juicy steak when you get home. YOU DID IT and YOU DESERVE IT!
    Would you do it again?
    Camino de Santiago – check

    1. Thanks Charlene, It was an experience that will resonate with me for a long time. Thanks for following along and giving me words of encouragement. Would I do it again?…..right now, I just need to decompress….I did enjoy Spain…I could see us, Denise and I, spending time in Madrid…beautiful and cultural city. The food and wine is excellent!

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