Camino-Day 25 & 26

Day 25-October 7, 2017
Leon, Spain

Although they are scheduled as “rest” days, I always end up walking around town and sightseeing.  And, once again, that is exactly what I did!
I had a leisurely morning, stayed in bed until 8:00am.  Yes!  Then had a late breakfast, and off we went to discover Leon.  The Cathedral is in the old part of the city only a couple of kms away, and as with all the cities, towns and villages, the biggest church is always the focal point around which all the action takes place.
My french friend Mark and I took a walking guided tour of Leon and start with the Cathedral and its museums.  I have never seen so much incredible artwork and artifacts of the Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance periods.  Such amazing priceless treasures. After the tour, we attended a pilgrim Mass at the Basilica and received a pilgrims blessing. Afterwards, Mark wanted to attend a free organ concert in the Cathedral. It starts at 9pm and I agreed to go with him. The acoustics was fabulous with monks harmonizing and chanting. It was after 10:30pm when we got back to our Albergue. I was dead tired.
A Medieval Fair had come to town as well, full of people in period costumes selling their arts and crafts.  There were acrobats and musicians, and all kinds of food stalls everywhere you looked.  There was even a display of medieval torture devices.  It truly was like being transported back 600 years.
Tomorrow I am back on the road.

Farmers Market
Octopus— Yummy
Walking Tour of Leon
Pilgrim Mass

Day 26-October 8, 2017
Leon to Variante Villar Mazarife, Spain

Everyone is sporting the lovely Camino tan…just the back of the legs and left side(forearm and face). We are always walking west so the sun is behind us in the morning and is to our left all day.
The walk out of Leon was a long one!  It took almost 2 hours of pounding pavement before I finally left the city limit.  Then the path followed along a highway all day.
Mark planned to stay another day and rest.
From about 2:30pm to 5pm it is ”siesta” time in Spain.  I was always under the impression that siesta meant rest.  You go home, you grab a bite to eat and you take a nap.  All the shops and banks and offices close.  In actuality, I was told the women rush home to watch their telenovelas (soaps) or their game shows on TV, and then all the men migrate to the nearest bar to play cards and drink.
And so my Albergue for tonight has a little café/bar and is overtaken by the local men.


5 thoughts on “Camino-Day 25 & 26

  1. Enjoying all the great posts and photos especially the Cathedral! The sunrise photo was beautiful with the cross! It looks so beautiful there so glad you get to experience this and take the effort to share, thanks. Keith and I had such a great time in New York City! We sure have to thank Denise and all the NFLD people for being so kind as the show ” Come From Away ” was such a memorable experience. I put some photos on Facebook when you get time to view. God bless you, Darlene

  2. Thanks everone for your encouragement.It helps me a lot. So far, my body is doing good, no blisters, no foot problems, no back problems…just very tired muscles at the end of the day.

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