Camino-Day 21 & 22

Day 21-October 3, 2017
Carrion del los Condes to Ledigos, Spain

The monastery I stayed at last night is on the outskirts just before getting into town. There was a long stretch of walking on the road, on pavement, which makes my skeleton creak.  I much prefer the softer ground and the satisfying crunch of gravel under my feet.
I then proceeded to walk the next stretch which I found out is 16.9 kilometers (10.5 miles), with no town in between.  I only saw three other pilgrims the whole way and all of us had the same look of mind-numbing boredom on our faces.  The path is a Roman road, the original Camino, straight through flat fields that went on and on and on and on and on and on with no village to stop in or fountain to drink from.  The sun was blazing and my hat was not providing much shade.
And at the end was a fairly new alburgue which had a nice bed for me and a nice shady spot to relax.
Today I walked 24.8 kilometers (15.4 miles)

Miles and miles of flat.



Day 22-October 4, 2017
Ledigos to Berclanos del Camino, Spain

The walk to Berclanos is extremely boring and passes over some of the flatest land I have seen since being in Great Plains. The absolute absence of shade and the cloudless sky has my energy level low. The Meseta really is the Camino’s “Spanish frying pan”.
Today I walked 14 miles.

Roman gateway into the city of Sahagun
Old roman bridge for the camino.
Ancient old underground dwellings. Still in use.

RV park

I checked to see if this Land-Cruiser was for sale. I couldn’t find a sign… would proably to be to expensive to ship home



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