Camino-Day 15 & 16

Day 15- September 29, 2017
Atapuerca to Burgos, Spain

It was a rather long day and progress was slow. Wind was at times providing substantial resistance, and never seems to be at my back…..funny how this happens.
Wind turbines have become a common sight on many of the ridges. I suppose the wind is somewhat consistent in this area. The Spanish government has obviously invested very heavily in this technology.There is also something rather comforting having these enormous white statues looking down on you constantly as you walk. In my case they have taken on a type of personality on the trail, certainly have become more than mechanical monuments of energy.  They share a common character trait, almost always are  turning slowly, and almost always in the distance. It’s as if they are patiently watching over your progress.
After winding around the airport on my approach to Burgos I finally arrived on the edge of the city. There is an alternate trail into the city but I easily missed it….as it isn’t marked. The path I followed lead me straight into an industrial area and all of the trucks, traffic, and chemical smells associated with a manufacturing area. My progress felt even slower trudging through this zone.
Finally I entered the residential fringe of the city. My hotel for the evening is located very close to the cathedral and I walked through a large and beautiful square, narrow side streets with restaurants and bars, and finally found my home for the night.
The alternate route would have taken me beside a river into Burgos…..reported to be very, very nice. Alas….I got to see the airport and industrial area.
Burgos is a sizable city with a lot to see. I’ve decided to spend a couple of days here to get some much needed rest and to site see.

I arrived at mountain summit at sunrise and saw this…..
Farmers market in the outskirs of Burgos
Resturants don’t serve dinner till after 7:30. It was worth waiting for.



Day 16-September 29, 2017
Burgos, Spain

Burgos has so much to see. I decided the first stop should be the Cathedral. This astounding structure was begun in the 1200‘s. Over the centuries more and more has been added to the original revealing a truly remarkable structure as it exists today. Entering the main doors is an overwhelming experience. The main hall and alter areas tower 7 or 8 stories above the floor in an impressive display of gold, sculpture, and iconic images.
The Cathedral is beyond words and is a completely stunning structure to experience.
The building has been added to throughout the centuries, at least one part has collapsed, and is now one of the most significant cathedrals in Spain. Honestly, It is worth the visit. Posting pictures doesn’t capture the size and beauty….absolutely astounding.
After two hours of walking through the myriad of chambers and rooms, as well as a thousand pictures, I finally exit and find myself ready for a bite to eat.
My plan also is to visit the Museum of the Evolution of Man. One of the areas I walked though yesterday was called Altapuerca. This is where the oldest human (ancestors) remains have been discovered in caves. The finds have been dated to almost 100,000,000 years ago. Burgos has a world class museum dedicated to this archeological discovery. Four floors of impressive informative displays are carefully arranged in both Spanish and English. Multimedia and technical displays are absolutely first-class. Kudos to Burgos and the Spanish people for creating this magnificent building.




Typical street/alley in Burgos.

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