Getting to the Camino

So far I haven’t taken one step and will be leaving in 2 days. I am still researching and reading everything available…..undoubtedly, I need to let it go and say enough is enough, “I AM READY!”

September 10, 2017
I find it hard to believe I am doing this. I left Lynchburg by train early this morning, my first small step, and got into NYC by mid-afternoon. Then off by subway to JFK. All these connections and flights were pre-purchased back in January (at a good discount) and I’m amazed and lucky, it all worked out.

September 11, 2017
The flight from JFK to Madrid was uneventful. It was the red-eye express…6 1/2 hours…and wouldn’t you know it….I woke up just in time to land.

The bus ride from the Madrid Airport to Pamplona Spain was dead easy. Even with the language barrier, I still managed to get tickets, transfers and know when to get off. The all day bus ride arrived as scheduled. Then it was a 20 minute hike at 9 pm at night, across the historic downtown district to my hotel. I was dead tired,

September 12, 2017
The bus ride to Saint-Jean Pied De Port France was just about full of Camino pilgrims. Backpacks are a sure give away and I met so many Brazil, England, Germany, New Zealand and USA.

Finally we arrive in SJPdP and take the short walk to the Hotel Beilari that I’m sharing in a three bed bunk room.
Finally it‘s off to the shower, wash myself and my clothes then a communial dinner with the other twenty camino’s guest.
Tomorrow is day one.

4 thoughts on “Getting to the Camino

  1. Glad to know you made it safe and looking forward to your next update. Our hearts and prayers are with you – have fun!
    ☆ Your Wandering Alaskans

    1. Thanks. It’s really overwhelming as to how humanity can come together. Last night my roommate were in their 20’s, two from South Korea and the other from Japan. The three of them treated me with the respect of being with their own grandfather. They wanted to do everything for me. It felt awkward.

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