Whitehorse, Yukon-June 9-13, 2017

  • Right now we are getting about 18 hours of daylight.  Yukons logo is “The Land of the Midnight Sun”.
  • We have been here in Whitehorse since Friday afternoon with plenty of sun and warm weather. While the weather was nice and pleasant, we took a hike along the Yukon River, visited the First Nation Cultural Center, visited The Klondike Steam Boat National Park and walked the historic downtown.
  • Whitehorse is a modern sizable city of 35,000. It is isolated but has all the convinces of a town it’s size in the lower 48. (Even a Walmart, Starbucks, McDonalds)
  • It’s a nice clean city that caters to tourism and there is plenty to see and do.
  • It is located on the Yukon River.
  • It is the Yukon Territorial capitol.
  • It’s electricity is generated from local hydro-electric on the Yukon River and a diesel generating station.
  • Cell service is only available in the local area.
  • Signs in many businesses say that internet is very expensive and they don’t provide the service.  We found that the library and visitor’s center has unlimited free service but at a very, very slow speed. (I can walk faster). We also get 30 minutes per day free at the campground (it’s metered), also very slow.
  • The clouds rolled in Sunday afternoon, started to rain by dinner and light rain all night. Temperature dropped to the upper 40’s last night and in the low 50’s for today. It’s suppose to rain all day today.
  • We will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. We understand the road could be in poor condition between here and Tok, Alaska due to the permafrost.  It’s a 400 mile trip and we will take it slow and do it in a couple of days. We will be in good company, a lot of RV’ers heading to Alaska right now. Cell or internet service along this leg from what we hear is not available.
  • I’ve been told to put the pedal to the metal. (Alaskan grand-children)
Steam Ship Klondike-Taken out of service in 1965
First Nation Cultural Center boat building project. Canoe being built out of Sitka Spruce.
It’s taking these First Nation volunteers about 2 months to build their traditional canoe.
Great view of theYukon River looking south from Whitehorse.
Yukon River at Miles Canyon. Foot bridge spans the river.
A bouncy walk across the foot bridge. Beginning of our three mile hike along river.

Whitehorse is a popular fly-out location for fishing and hunting to remote parts the Yukon.

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