Columbia River, Oregon

Idaho westerly winds were particularly fierce today which was a big head wind.  I’d rather have a  head wind than a side wind.  The side wind works me hard to keep the Land Wanderer between the white lines. You would think that the head wind would affect the miles per gallon but on this diesel engine, I loss a tenth of a mile per gallon.  That’s the beauty of a big Cummins diesel engine.  It’s a solid 8 miles per gallon, no matter what!

As we cross into Oregon early this morning, I-84 took a turn west and we followed the Columbia River.  The famous Louis & Clark expedition trail. It was a spectacular drive along the mighty Columbia.  The river bulged to almost flooding and at places it was over a mile wide and dams were releasing overflow over the spill way, shooting a very powerful outflow which made a very spectacular view.

Our day’s drive ended when we reached Hood River, Oregon.  A very quaint and touristy town.  The river widens out here and creates a stilling river flow, very good for wind boarding. Hood River is about 60 miles from Portland and a popular spot for a get away.  We got in about 2pm and spent the afternoon exploring the area. The town is on a mountain side looking down on the river. There are four streets that parallel the river, all with a view. It is a walking town with lot’s of neat shops, restaurants and green shops.  You ask, what is a green shop…..?  For me, the best part is the local craft breweries.  There are two in town.

We picked “Big Horse Brew” as the brewery to try. It had the best view of the river.
Mirror, Mirror, on the ceiling….Which beer should I try?
I tried the Porter and it was great!
A green shop!
Oregon takes litter seriously!

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