Palm Springs, California

We enjoyed our few days in Carson City but it was time for us to be in Palm Springs for Denise’s mom funeral. We took the scenic Highway 395 south along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I was a little concerned about taking this road because of all the curves and mountains but it actually was not a bad drive.  The scenery was gorgeous. The 500 mile drive took us two days. Part of the drive was along the eastern side of Yosemite National Park. We checked into getting an overnight stay in the area, but if you didn’t make reservations six months in advance, there was nothing available. So we opted to drive pass and stay at a RV park in the desert. We learned quickly was desert heat means…It was hot!

Boulder Creek RV Park in Lone Pine Calif. Sierra Nevada Mountain in the background with a little snow still showing.

The week before we got into Palm Springs the daily high was in the 120’s, but we only saw the low 100’s and that was plenty warm.  Since it is the off-season and all the snowbirds have flown, we got a nice RV site at Outdoor Resorts with off-season rates. It was just too hot to be outside and both our AC’s were working overtime just to keep us at 80(+) degrees inside.

The five days went by fast with the funeral and visiting family and when Monday rolled around, it was time for us to head back home to Virginia.

Palm Springs, Calif. July 18-24, 2017

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Palm Springs, Calif. July 18-24, 2017 33.797800, -116.547000 Outdoor Resorts, Palm Springs California, United States of America (Directions)




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