Valdez, Alaska

Valdez is home to our son Matt, Fallon, Gabe and Logan. They have lived here a year and have three more to go. He is a career Coast Guard officer and the coast guard has a good footprint in in this area as it is the terminal for the Alaskan Pipeline to the oil tankers. They love it here and I can see why.  The Prince William Sound and the surrounding snowcapped mountains makes Valdez the most gorgeous spot that we have seen in Alaska.

The Lu-Lu Belle…Our Glacier and Wildlife Cruise ship
The salmon are starting to be present in the sound, fishing boats are getting ready!
Sea Otters playing around
Catching salmon for the local hatchery
Floating iceberg

Sea lions cover the coast line along the sound.

Daddy sea lion.

The boat captain had a obstacle coarse of icebergs to get to the glacier. Most of the iceberg is underwater.

The glacier had constant cracking noise of pieces breaking off (calving).
On our way to Valdez, we saw this mommy mouse and two calves.

Valdez, Alaska June 25-30, 2017

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Valdez, Alaska June 25-30, 2017 61.096900, -146.302000 Bears Paw RV Park, Valdez Alaska, United States of America (Directions)

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