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Family! Our rendezvous with our son Matt, Fallon, Gabe & Logan

It is now four hours time difference to our home in Virginia. You would think that crossing into Alaska and turning back the clock an hour is no big deal but my internal clock is all wacko. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am an early to bed type guy and each time we have had to change the clock, my sleep takes a hit but after a few days, like a week, I pretty well normalized.

Gabe is certain that there is fish down there.

We spent a couple of days in Tok, Alaska. It was our first stop crossing into Alaska. There is not much in this little village of a town. We did make a one minute trip through it and back and then headed back to our RV site. Denise went to work making frozen dinners and I socialize with other RV’ers. The next morning (Thursday) we left early, filled up with diesel at the Shell station($2.699/gal) and traveled the 170 miles to Tolsona Wilderness Campground outside of GlennAllen. The road was as bad as the previous 200 miles from Destruction Bay, Yukon, with many, many frost heaves. This campground is our rendezvous location with our Alaskan son Matt and his family.  The plan was for us to meet up on Friday but since our trip was easier than planned, we got there a day earlier.  What do they do, they surprise us by coming a day earlier themselves. Shame on them!

We had a great time visiting, eating, fishing and hiking. Our daily entertainment was the many squirrels that were very daring and the fish that gave us raspberries when we fed them (unintentional) with bait.

Matt trying his luck at fly fishing.
Trying my luck at fly fishing…?

This squirrel was determine to get our fish bait over several days.
Our 2 mile hike through tough terrain to the mud pits.
The mud pits..Bubbling out of the earth.

This morning, Sunday, we loaded our grandson Logan belongings for a week-long trip with us to tour Alaska.  This is going to be a trip that he and us will not forget. He has put together a list of places that we can’t wait to visit.  Our first stop, Anchorage!

Logan’s cast off!
GlennAllen, Alaska-June 15-18, 2017

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GlennAllen, Alaska-June 15-18, 2017 62.714462, -148.864746 Tolsona Wilderness Campground, Glennallen Alaska, United States of America (Directions)

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