Newport Oregon

We are hopping our way up highway 101. I have reduced my speed down to 45 mph. It now takes about three hours to make a 100 miles.  At times I wonder if we are too long for this road. But I see other RV’s our size in the opposite direction doing just fine. The roads are at times very narrow, windy, up and down and hugging the drop off  to the ocean. We made it to Newport Oregon all in one piece and my rubber neck is wore out.  It was a beautiful drive.

Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 101) Bridge over the Yaquina River. Newport Historic Bayfront in the background.
Commercial Fishing Boat–Yaquina Bay Piers
These barking California Sea Lions are LOUD.
Yaquina Head is located just a few miles north of Newport. It is managed by Bureau of Land Management to preserve coastal inhabitants and a lighthouse that was in-service for about a century.
This cove provides tide pools–Yaquina Head
Our timing was good. It was low tide and the tide pools exhibited great abundance of sea stars and urchins. This shot doesn’t do a good job showing the organisms.
The Harbor Seals live here year around. The females this time of year are nursing their young pups.


OSU marine science program is here in Newport. They have a free visitor center that we just happened to wander onto is better than any (pay) aquarium.
We got there in time for a talk on a Red Octopus
Denise trying her dive skills on this simulator.
Cool “Pipe Fish” exhibit.

For me this was the most interesting exhibit. This is part of a floating dock that was ripped from it’s mooring after the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan March 11, 2011. It traveled the distance and landed on the beach outside Newport on June 5, 2012. OSU marine scientist took immediate action to contain any potential threat of invasive species of non-native plants and animals. There were 118 Japanese species found. All were removed.
Just a cool picture of a lone surfer.


Our Overnight Stay:

We stayed at South Beach State Park in Newport Oregon.  We are in site B07.  We have water and 30amp service. We paid $29/night. The site is paved and level. We get 12 channels of over-the-air TV reception and the cell service is good.  There is a dune between us and a very nice beach.  Just a short walk to get sand between your toes.  This is a nice park and we would definitely stay here again.

Newport Oregon--May 14-16, 2017

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Newport Oregon--May 14-16, 2017 44.605300, -124.060000 South Beach State Park Oregon, United States of America (Directions)

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  1. We had friends that volunteered at Yaquina head Lighthouse and we stayed at the outdoor resort there for four days…There is a decent golf course there that has nine holes but they make eighteen by using different tees the second time around…We also loved the barking Sea Lions…A little north of you is a little campground “Jenny’s RV Park” that is nothing fancy but is right on the ocean…Looks like you are having a great trip.

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