Twin Falls Idaho

With no wind or rain in the air this morning, it was a welcoming blue sky with a bright and warm sun.  Just when the weather is welcoming, we are lifting our jacks and heading to Idaho.  Denise made a comment that we need to get out of these high mountains and find some warm weather.  And by George, that is what we are going to do.  So we are pointing the RV west toward Oregon.  If all goes good we should be there in a couple of days.

It took almost a couple of hours to drive across Salt Lake City.  It just went on and on. And the traffic on I-15 North was relentlessly busy.  It was at least three lanes in each direction.  Once we changed over to I-84 West, it became an easy drive through some very nice irrigated farm land.

We made our 275 miles by 2pm and settled into a Walmart parking lot in Twin Falls, Idaho.  A sizable town of 44,000.  It’s a very clean and modern town with a lot of new construction.  We googled the town and found things to explore.

Shoshone Falls on the Snake River that runs through Twin Falls. During good water years, like this year, these falls are higher than Niagara.

About a mile downriver of these falls is where on September 8, 1974, daredevil Evel Knievel tried and failed to leap the mile-wide chasm of the Snake River Canyon on his specially engineered rocket motorcycle.

Snake River Canyon.
Perrine Bridge, we crossed when entering into Twin Falls –sits 486 feet above the Snake River Canyon floor. It is a popular base jumper site.
Sculpture of twins, part of the art sculptures located along the river in Twin Falls.


Twin Falls--May 1, 2017

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Twin Falls--May 1, 2017 42.570400, -114.460000 Twin Falls Idaho, United States of America (Directions)

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