Go West-Now

We have been back home about a month and in that time I have prepared the RV for the trip of our lifetime, the Alaskan Adventure.  I viewed all the youtube and read all the blogs about peoples RV experiences of making the Alaska trip.  Some people went on the spur of the moment with no planning while many others went way over board with planning.  I hopefully have found the right balance of what to expect and what to bring.  It’s an adventure and we will deal with whatever is thrown at us.  I like a challenge!

Our plan was to leave home around April 21st, spend time visiting family and friends for a couple of weeks and then head west. We would cross into Canada from Montana around early June and be into Alaska the third week in June.  That WAS the plan…..And as with all plans, they change depending on current events.  And that is what we are encountering. We are currently heading to Palm Springs, California to attend Denise’s younger bother funeral. Totally unexpected. And at the same time, Denise’s mom was admitted to the hospital.  We will stay and help as much as possible and do whatever it takes. As for our trip to Alaska, we are still planning for it. We will just leave from California.

We should arrive in Palm Springs on Saturday. We are averaging about 500 miles a day on this 2500 mile trip. The trip is not bad, it’s spring and the scenery is great. Plus the drive is an easy drive on I-40 west.

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