Coming to an End in Bonita Springs

This is the longest we have stayed in one spot living in our motorhome.  The two months has been good and has gone quickly but our itchy feet is telling us it is time to move on. So for the last couple of weeks, to keep our adventure spirit alive, we have been planning our summer trip to Alaska with the RV.  We are planning on a 12,000 miles round trip experience. That is going to be some trip! More to come later.

We will be leaving here on Wednesday, March 1st and heading north to Orlando to spend a few days visiting Denise’s sister. We were lucky and booked a spot at Moss Park. It is a city park and campground.  The booking lady said it is spring break time and camping spots fills up quickly. It might be a lively stay!

Couple of weeks ago we drove out to Everglade City, south of Naples, about an hour drive from were we are staying.  As the name implies, it is located in the Everglades. We thought it would be interesting to visit and it was.  But I kept thinking as we were driving through the area, it looks familiar. We stopped at the Everglade National Park visitor center/store to have my National Park Passport book stamped. Come to find out, I had a stamp already from 2008.  It was nice to see everything again!

On valentines day, we drove to old Naples.  A well preserved, old Floridian part of the city with lots of shops and restaurants.  We had dinner at Tommy Bahamas. We heard that it was a great place to eat and enjoy. We were there at 4pm to beat the crowd but it was packed with a waiting line.  We asked if we could sit at the bar and have dinner instead of waiting, “no problem mon!”  Afterwards, with full bellies, we walked the beach and checked out Naples Pier.


Beach parking can be EXPENSIVE.

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  1. We were just cracking up about how you got your passport book stamped twice for the same place! Haha We need to catch up with those stamps! Can’t wait to see you guys in a few months! We love you!

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